Sof-Har Consultoria & Engenharia                  
Certifications Homologations - Representations              
     Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru and other countries

The Company

It was founded in 1983 by the engineer Rodrigo A. Sagredo Arias, who initiated his working experience in Brazil in 1979 along with the Engineering and Development areas of IBM. Sof-Har, since then has been giving support in close contact with providers and manufacturers of mechanical, plastic, electrical and electronic parts/components and/or finished products for computers and/or telecommunications applications for the national and international markets. This solid experience constitutes a guarantee of the services that Sof-Har can offer to your company.


During all this time, Sof-Har has continued to support several companies from different countries, even through courses and open seminars on the necessary requirements to obtain the products approval and/or certification from the National and International Agencies in Brazil (INMETRO, ANATEL), United States (UL, ETL, FCC), Canada (CSA) and Europe (TUV, VDE, SEMKO, DEMKO, NEMKO).


The skills of his engineers and collaborators, specialized in electricity, electronics, telecommunications and mechanics, with experience of more than 14 years in IBM Brazil and other companies and continuous work with diverse Regulatory Organisms and National and International Agencies, constitute the patrimony of knowledge and experiences that Sof-Har offers to your company.


Our Goal

To provide comprehensive engineering solutions to obtain the required certification, homologation or conformity to the standards in the National or International Agencies to support your nationalization, cost reduction, safety or EMC projects for computer or telecommunications products.