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Sof-Har Activities


Today Brazil is in the global competition and in many cases facing huge disadvantages. The market competition worldwide continues to impose requirements that are even more stringent. The requirements level of the countries where you decide to compete many times for most of the people are not known at all.

Thus, Sof-Har Consultoria & Engenharia, is here to help you to solve the problems allowing your products to reach the same level of the international competition, without delays due to the lack of experience regarding the National and International Certificates, Marks and Audits/Inspections.

There are different type of problems that normally arise, such as: unknown requirements, which Office or Agency must be contacted, different languages (English, German or French, specific terminology, etc.), sample submittals, applicable standards, previous tests to ensure quick approval, and all the necessary steps that should allow you to get an early approval at the first sample.

Activities with the Certification Agencies

The Sof-Har purpose is to assist the companies that in some way are involved with the Certification of its Components, Products or Processes to obtain the Conformity Marks. 

Product Certification

The certification of a product opens the national market due to difference, and the international due to acceptance; it demands experience and knowledge, beyond the experience.


Sof-Har strongly recommends the outsourcing of these activities to the companies that don't justify a workload of 50% of the time for one headcount.


Besides, Sof-Har is able to conduct education courses and training on Product Certification at the National and International Agencies, as well as technical and logistic support for the preparation and accomplishment of scheduled Audits.